neubau waterrijk, woerden (nl)

studie 2005

anA architecten


Waterrijk Woerden uses consumer directed building as a spear of building management. The goal is, apart from having differentiated offers, to let the buyers have an actual influence in the houses that are being developed. The quality og the image is very important in this. Together with ONIX and S333, ANA offers a two side concept. Every house meets all requirements, whilst the roof is simply being constructed. With the reintroduction of the loft you have to possibility to choose a big empty space, which can, in a later stage, be fitted according to the available budget, for a small basic house with a large roof or choose just the opposite. Also the elevations of the houses are adjustable according to individual preferences. A catalogue with accessories helps choosing the right calding, elements, openings etc., so a flexible lay-out will go hand in hand with a variated appearence.